Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reptile Gardens

We had so much fun on our vacation. I will start with our trip to Reptile Gardens. The last time I went, I was about Bella's age. It was fun to relive my memories of the trip, and enjoy it with my children.

I have a photo of me riding a tortoise 30 years ago. We asked the attendant how old the three tortoises were, and come to find out, they are the same ones that were here then. You can't ride them now but the kids still thought it was great to get up close.

Some of the cousins with Aunt Debbie

Watch out for those snakes - they'll get ya when you least expect it!

This just looks so creepy to me. Thank goodness there was a fence in between us. FYI - they can't see directly in front or behind them. (Not that I would like to get close enough to them to put it to the test.)It cracked me up that Sofie was completely unfazed by petting the baby alligator. They had to put electrical tape around the mouth!

We had a ball!


scollier said...

How fun!!! Were all of your sisters there?

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

What a fun trip! It was fun to see you guys at Carol's..your hair is so cute!