Friday, July 4, 2008

It was a Fabulous Fourth!

Once again, a great 4th of July has come and gone. You can tell me it was hot at 100 degrees, but you can't convince me. It was perfect. So perfect that Jeff & I worked in the yard this afternoon before the festivities commenced.
Our traditions begun last year, and they are just so fun it is now an annual event. Hopefully next year will be held in our luscious green backyard (that is currently dirt and weeds).
We had a delicious dinner with all the fixin's.
Then we decorated our bikes and wagons and had our now annual parade down the block and around the park.
We must have looked so festive that by the end, we had gathered quite the crowd (it was kinda funny!).
And before we knew it, random kids were trying to "blend in" to our family photos!
(hey buddy, try wearing red, white and blue next time!)
Homemade ice cream was the best treat. Grandma Susan made her dad's famous lemon ice cream, and I made a strawberry ice cream. They were so yummy!
We capped off the night with a fireworks extravaganza - put on in front of Jane & Aaron's house in the street. We do love that fireworks are legal here (vs. Arizona where you can't even light a sparkler), and the kids had lots of fun picking out which one to do next.
Thanks Jane for the photos, and to you and Aaron and Susan for a great holiday! Till next year!


Jane said...

You got some great pictures. That really was a ton of fun. Lets repeat it in 20 days. yummy and fun all around. Love you guys!

Katie said...

Dawn - Your family picture is A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!! Oh my goodness!

b. knight said...

Dawn, it looks like you and your family had a lot of fun. Of course everyone looks darling. I remember growing up in Utah and the 4th was one of my favorite holidays there. It looks like you are fitting right in and everyone looks really happy. I hope so you deserve it. Did you hear about the new bishopric? Just in case you didn't. Bishop Budge, 1st. Bro. Crawford, 2nd, Bro. Schmidt. Take care. B

Jennie said...

Hey, we were up in Utah for the 4th as well -- Stadium of Fire. We were there for a family reunion that left no free time. We love Utah during the 4th. Your pictures are great.