Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Shots

Here are some fun family shots we took while up there.

All 6 girls were in attendance, and the one of my four brothers that was able to make it. From left to right: DeLyn, Dianne, Darla, Dean, Dayna, myself, and Debbie (in front).

This and Dean & Debbie's cute family. The last time we saw them was in 2002, when Bella was just a couple of months old. We could not have been more excited that they were there. My adorable nieces and nephew are so sweet, well mannered, and I love them to pieces. It was great catching up with them and getting to know each other's children.Dayna, myself, DeLyn & Di getting "squeezed"!
I think Sofie hung out with her boy cousins a little too much - she got way too excited about this cap gun!My dad always says that when he holds a baby, they have to "just sit". He doesn't do the tossing in the air or playing around. The funny thing is that when he holds Reed, he just chills out and doesn't wiggle and squirm. I guess Reed was sitting still enough that Dad could fall asleep!
My cute Abraham family. I miss so much living close to them and seeing their little ones grow up. Bella could not have been happier than spending so much time with Jane. I also loved getting my "baby fix" by holding Baby Kate.


Amy said...

I have never wanted to visit South Dakota but I do now! How fun!

I'm glad you got to see Dean and his family.

It's fun to see pictures of everyone.... man time flies, doesn't it?