Wednesday, July 9, 2008

H.B.D. Sofie!

My little munchkin is turns 3 today! She is such a spunky little thing. She gets funnier each and every day, and makes us laugh.
One of my favorite moments with Sofie is each day, both morning and naptime, going in to get her out of her crib. She's always so happy to see me. Yes, she still sleeps in a crib. Until yesterday, she has never climbed out. Even then, she hasn't climbed out since the one time yesterday!
We celebrated tonight with some cupcakes. Her party will be after our vacation, when Jack and Katie and her cousins can attend.
We had strawberry mousse cupcakes (per Sofie's request), with pink icing. It went along with her new book, "Pinkalicious" about a little girl that ate too many pink cupcakes and woke up the next morning pink!
Happy Birthday Sofiapilla - we love you!


Brooke said...

She is so cute!
Her bright eyes just make me smile.
I can't believe all the hair she had as a baby.

Susan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOFIE!!! I love you SO much! I can't wait for your party. You are too precious!

Jane said...

Those are great pictures, we can't wait for the party!

Katie said...

She gets cuter by the minute!!