Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why Oh Why?

Why on earth would you want to make Kansas seem more 'hick' than it is? Someone from here created this chapstick and it says on the package that it was made here. A tube of it was left here at my parent's house, and when I saw it I couldn't believe it was real. I thought it was a joke. Oh, no. There's a whole line of "poop" products! Check it out here.

Personally, I think it's stupid and tacky. I don't think it's funny nor would I ever buy it, let alone put it on my lips. I don't care HOW great it is.


Chantellebr said...

Just the thought of that makes me want to puke! Why would someone ever come up with that name? Maybe it was a "hick."

Jane said...

Oh dear. I went to the website, did you see the display box for your chicken poop? You HAVE to get it for Jeff to put on his desk at work. I am going to buy you the beanie that says Got Poop? to wear next winter, maybe then you will like the snow.

D'Lonna said...

Texas too has this issue. Just when I think Texans are better than that, I meet someone with a pair boots, ten gallon hat, tabacco in their mouth, and thick Texas drawl. I realize this person is the reason the whole state gets labeled.

By the way, your cakes are beautiful!!!

D'Lonna Nelson

(Jeff's cousin's (Wayne) wife

Dana Mania said...

I would buy it just BECAUSE it says "Chicken Poop" on it! What wonderful gag gifts!

Janell said...

Oh my gosh... I totally love this! Happy Graduation, Cortney! Happy Birthday, brother! J/K! This is not something you really use ... but it is a dang funny gift! :) I can always count on you to spread the good news. Ha-ha! :)