Thursday, May 15, 2008


Part of the Wichita River Festival today was that you could get into the children's museum/science center "Exploration Place" for free today (with your button of course). We had a very fun time. Here are some highlights.
There was a 'medieval' roller coaster that was so cute. It was wooden, and the coaster was a horse. The girls loved it.
The children's area was a giant castle, and inside were many medieval activities. Bella and Sofie loved trying out the many instruments available.
In the 'tot' area, there were these sunflowers that faced a mirror, so that you could see yourself. A sensor in the flower made it giggle when you put your face in the flower.
Reed is so close to walking it's not even funny. I am discouraging it so that his daddy can see him take his first steps. Grandma is encouraging it because she wants to see him walk as well. He loved this little bridge. There were a couple of steps on one side and a tiny slide down the other. He would crawl up the steps, stand up, and turn around to slide down the slide (like he's going down stairs!).
Just call him "Bubble Boy"!


Jane said...

I miss those kids, can't wait to see Reed walking

Katie said...

You're having so many adventures!! I think I need to pack up my Chicken Poop and plan a trip to Kansas.