Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hicks {I'm not talking 'Taylor'}

My sister Dayna and I have often wondered why the media does the things they do. It never fails, when there's a tornado or something major that happens in Kansas, and they recieve national news, they always pick the biggest hick EVER! It's always someone with missing teeth, terrible grammar and looks like they just crawled out from under a rock. It always bugs me that they don't pick someone that is educated {past 8th grade} or appears to be living in the 21st century.

Well, as I was riding in the taxi cab yesterday, headed to the rental car facility, I realized the kinds of people interviewed on the news really do exist. The man was commenting on Reed being my first boy and was wondering if he'd started getting into trouble. Then he proceeded to tell me how HE handles little boys that do naughty things.

1. If the little boy likes to kick, he removes the child's socks and shoes so when they kick things {such as a truck in this boy's case}, he hurts his foot. {sounded rather logical to me}

2. If the little boy likes to throw things, he attaches a toy {such as a car} to a long rubber band and uses it like a punch ball. Throws it out and catches it with his hand. Naturally the little boy wants to try this and when he does, the toy car smacks him in the head. {didn't sound very nice to me}

3. If the little boy is rude and mean, he tells the boy that he wants to give him some candy and wants to be friends. In the instance he told me, the mean little boy said "I don't want to be your friend, but I'll take the candy". The boy takes the candy and eats it. Little does he know, it's EX LAX. {No that's just mean and nasty!}

The driver laughed at this and thought it was hilarious. I couldn't wait to get my kids out of the car, and the 5 minute ride seemed like 20.

Unbelievable. Good thing this man was on the Missouri side of Kansas City. I'm sure he doesn't live in Kansas.


Jane said...

I can't believe that guys ideas. You better hurry back home. When I send a cab for you and Aaron I will make sure the driver doesn't give abusive parenting suggestions.

Diana said...

Oh, my gosh brings back mission memories....I really had to laugh because yes, I have met people like this.

Liz said...

You said it perfectly! Being from Kentucky, I get really frustrated at the negative stereotypes. Yes...I agree that it can be warranted sometimes. But where in this country do you not find rednecks? I love Kentucky and everywhere else back there!! There are wonderful people and great Southern hospitality!!!