Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thanks Dayna!

My favorite Valentine decoration this year came from my sister Dayna. Many of you may have seen Target's "cupcake" line this year for Valentine's Day. I am in love with all the cute divided trays and sippie cups for the kids.
Dayna told me about these and I had not seen them. I looked at my local Target and they were all out. I was totally bummed. Then she sent me some in the mail - I was so happy to have some. I have had these cute little stands in my cupboard for at LEAST 5 years and have never used them. I finally had something to put on them! I have them lined up on a little ledge.
It's all in the presentation - for those of you that are running out to your local Target to find them - look in the dog toy section.


janelle said...

DAWN!! I love your blog and I love you!! So excited to be able to stay updated! So I see you're in Utah, what city? You're by Jane right?? I still covet...I mean think of you often! :) You always amazed me!! Your cakes are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for starting the blog!! :)