Monday, February 11, 2008

Finally! It's no longer snowing!

People around here keep telling me that it's uncommon for these parts of Utah to get so much snow. I don't know how much I believe. People own snowblowers and snowplows here like people own pools in Phoenix. It gets hot EVERY summer in Phoenix - hence the pools. If it doesn't snow EVERY winter in Salt Lake - why do so many people own the major snow removal equipment? I think they are just trying to make me believe it, so I'll be more willing to try another winter out here. Let me tell you, it's got to be a NICE warm summer to make me want even an ice cube in my lemonade!

I'm not into playing in the snow, and Jeff claims he doesn't know HOW to play in the snow (growing up in Phoenix). So, pretty much, we own the snow gear (snow bibs, hats, gloves, etc.), but don't really use it much!
So, our snow mounds are finally beginning to melt, and we can officially see some dirt in our backyard. The back gets the sun more than the front of our house. I still don't think the snow in our front yard will melt until June. Stay tuned for Easter photos in our snowsuits!


Amy said...

I was thinking I should tell you for Easter dresses to be flexible but it sounds like you're already planning on it. I usually do a short sleeve dress with a matching sweater or shrug. That way if it's beautiful, they can take off the sweater. If it's not, they are still warm running into the church. We've had had some wonderfully warm Easter Sundays but I always prepare for the worst.