Friday, February 15, 2008

For the Utah people

You have to check out "Food for Thought" in Draper. It is a cute little restaurant in an Old house. Susan, Jane & I went in January and loved it! They have a great menu - not too pricey, but great for a girls day out. They are known for their hot chocolate with HOMEMADE Marshmallows in all different flavors. It's great for this stinkin' cold weather we have here!

Try it - you'll LOVE it! They are located at 12640 South Fort Street (950 East) in Draper, Utah. Their phone number is 801/576-9161.

I first saw it on Lisa Bearnson's blog (the scrapbook lady), and if you tell them you read about it on her blog, they give you a free dessert! I love free. We did and it was great.


Katie said...

Dawn - What will they give me if I mention YOUR blog? Hopefully one of those Knots Landing outfits.

Julie Knowlton said...

Yes! We ate there last Halloween and I absolutely loved it. It is right by my work, so I need to go there more often. I am glad you liked it! See, Utah has some good things.