Thursday, February 14, 2008

Last Minute Valentine Gifts

If your sweetie hasn't purchased you a Valentine's Day present yet - look no further!

I just got my "Midnight Velvet" catalog in the mail and there are some stunning pieces in it.

My top 3:
You can tell when your guests have overstayed their welcome with this coffee table.

This ensemble looks like it's straight from
Joan Collins wardrobe on the set of Knots Landing

And wouldn't this impress your sweetie on your
Valentine's date tonight? A little walk on the wild side!

How do I get these catalogs!


Katie said...

You've got to be kidding me. You are so hilarious.

Jane said...

Thanks Dawn, I have been looking EVERYWHERE for these outfits. I will be a show stopper at church next week!!

Amy said...

I know you won't be surprised by this but I actually LOVE that table!

I was thinking Mommy Dearest on the outfit. "No more wire hangers!"

Dawn Foutz said...

The table can be yours for the mere price of $199, plus shipping. Assembly is required, and you need one AA battery for the quartz movement (not included). But you can do a payment plan of only $25/month - you're preapproved!

Janell said...

That's awesome! The best part ... people REALLY do buy those - and it's not even a joke!