Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I am not a fan of tagging - so I will answer this one, but I'm not tagging anyone else. But by all means, if you want to do it on your blog - feel free to tag yourself!

6 habits or things about me:

1. I am NOT a journal writer. Aside from a collective few years here and there, this is it!

2. I am extremely uncoordinated. I can't catch, throw, kick, or hit a ball to save my life! I always wiggled my way to the back of the line in gym to avoid the embarrasment!

3. I am very unorganized. I can typically find what I'm looking for amid the mess, but tidy I am not.

4. I love to wrap presents. I adore ribbon and wrapping paper. It is not very often that I will give a gift in a gift bag or a gift card, because I love any excuse to wrap a present.

5. I am not the best driver. I typically have a bit of a lead foot. If any of you have heard my recent out-of-state driving adventures in the last few months you know what I'm talking about. I'm getting better, especially because I'm feeling guilty that my car insurance just sent me a "good driver" rebate check for $20. (remember, my incidents were out-of-state!)

6. I hate doing laundry. Most likely because right now my laundry room is unfinished and is in the basement. Basically when it comes to chores, if it's not in my face, it's most likely not going to get finished!


Susan said...

6 habits of Dawn:
1. She can sew like nobody else!
2. She can cook like nobody else!
3. It's been said that she could
build a house out of corn cobs
and string.
4. She can pack two tons of stuff
in a one ton car.
5. She's a darn hard worker!!
6. She's the first one to offer
to help.
I want to be on her wagon when we head to Missouri!! Love you Dawn!

Amy said...

I agree with Susan except for that last part about the wagon train.... :)

And- don't you need a glue gun for that corn cob & string house?

Brooke said...

You're a good sport Dawn and except for #2 and #5 (that would be my mom) this could have been about me. Except I usually don't prepare ahead enough for #4 and end up with the bags.

I love what Susan wrote about you.