Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day

As the alarm clock rang at 6:20 a.m., I cringed. My stomach was in knots as I got ready this morning. And as I left in her in the classroom, I had to fight back the tears.

My firstborn has started kindergarten. It's a full day, dual immersion school, so she'll learn spanish. She spends every other day in a spanish classroom, with a teacher that speaks only spanish.
I think her nerves were just as bad as mine. She started crying yesterday afternoon, and she said she wasn't very excited. Although this was after going through and ironing all her school clothes, which she was extremely excited about, and picking out the outfits she'll wear for the first two weeks! (why settle for just the first day?) They have a "uniform" for school, it's pretty loose in my book. Any rather plain pink, white or green shirt with khaki or brown bottoms. Needless to say, we have many shades of pink, and many many pink tops.

So as I was doing her hair this morning, she said "I'm not very excited about school, but I like my outfit!" Well Bella, it's all about how we feel, and if your outfit makes you happy, you'll do just fine.

Jane watched the two little ones for us while Jeff and I took her to school. Her teacher is Miss Mindy and was very sweet to Bella, and helped her feel comfortable. Bella was very apprehensive, but once she found out Jessie (in our carpool) was in her class, she did much better.

I'm so excited for her - she loves to learn and will do great. I can't wait to hear all about her day. Jeff just wishes he could see her at lunchtime. I just hope I packed enough food.

I'm glad she didn't start kindergarten last year, that means I get to keep her one more year before she runs off to college.


Chantellebr said...

Why can't we just freeze time?

Aileen said...

Bella looks adorable and ready for kindergarten! Can't wait to hear more about it! Love the picture of Reed eating out of the trash (I would do the same for my sweets!).I can't stop laughing at how they "cut" the sandwich!

Katie said...

"If your outfit makes you happy, you'll do just fine."

I want that in vinyls above my closet.

Susan said...

Definitely the cutest, smartest kid in the class---and bound to be teacher's pet!

Tarina said...

Wow, all day Kindergarten huh? That's great that she will be learing two languages. I must say I LOVE your comment to her about her outfit making her happy - Classic

Amy said...

She'll be fabulous!

It doesn't get any easier dropping them off for kindgergarten.

A wise older woman told me once to "Enjoy the Journey" because they leave as fast as they come. She told me to not wish the days away.

That was when I had 4 kids 4 and under so of course I looked at her like she had lost her mind.

But in the last few years, I've started to understand this advice and to "Enjoy the Journey".