Sunday, August 24, 2008

Farewell to Summer

To mourn the end of summer (because winter here is eminent and I will need to start taking my antidepressant soon to get through it) we had a fun Friday.
Jeff went in for a few hours in the morning, and then we went to the Rec center around noon. We had a picnic lunch, and went swimming.
I loved how the pool was so warm. It was only 82 degrees outside, and in my book, too cold for swimming.

But the kids had a ball, and unfortunately the outdoor pool closes this weekend.

After naps we went to Bella's new school for "Carnaval". It was a fundraiser for the school and had lots of inflatables, as well as games, a cake walk and a mariachi DJ (could have done without that). Reed thought this dinosaur was pretty neat. Bella's first try at a climbing wall (ever). It took Sofie quite some time (and a fearless friend) to get her to go on the inflatables. It was fun! Summer, we will miss you more than you could ever imagine!


Katie said...

You do such a good job capturing all the fun! My favorite is Reed in the dinosaur mouth. Classic!

Amy said...

You've lost all your sense of adventure!

Don't you remember? The temperature rule for swimming at the Bledsoe's was 80 degrees!

If it were left up to us we would have been jumping in at 70 degrees!

Your rec center looks fun! I keep hoping Spanish Fork will put in a Rec Center.... if not, we might have to follow in Nannibazoo's foot steps and build our own pool!