Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is my friend Amy's Birthday. This photo was taken on my birthday when we went to a Spa.

Amy and I became best friends in 3rd grade. We were together comstantly after that. A huge perk to living in Utah is living 45 minutes away from her, and getting to see her often.

Things I have always loved about her:
She is not shy. She can pick up a conversation with anyone, and they love her immediately.
She makes me laugh.
Extremely easy going.
A great example to me.
Will do anything for me or my family. She just has a huge heart!
H.B.D. Amy - love your guts!


Amy said...

Thanks Dawn!

Go to my blog to see the beautiful cake Dawn made me. And it wasn't just a pretty cake face.... it was soooo delish. I thought I would die in CAKE HEAVEN. I'm not exaggerating. (

Let's open a bakery. You can bake stuff and I'll sell it!

Seriously- I'm so glad you guys came down. It was so fun. I know I say this a lot but we really need to do stuff at least once a month.
Especially since I know you don't want to live here forever... we have to spend the time when we have it.

Tell your girls thanks too! I hope they had fun.

You know as much fun as we had when we were little, these are the best times I think. Although I sometimes wish it was acceptable to giggle at this age. The other night when you were over, I thought "what would our daughters think of us if they could see us at their age?" So many memories...

And so many birthdays- make them stop!

Love ya!

(Sorry too many exclamation points?)