Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Bella!

Today my little Bella turns 7 years old!

She woke up to her present on her plate - something she reminded me about several times the night before.It was a spotz maker. They're little coin shaped things you can put all kinds of pictures in. (Basically one more thing for mom to pick up off the floor!) She loves it!
It must have been a special day, because Mom made breakfast - that usually only happens at dinnertime. Waffles with fresh strawberries and blueberry muffins.
After church we went to Grandma's for a special birthday dinner. She had the place all decked out!
After dinner we had a round of "Birthday Bingo", and even had goodie bags! Thanks Grandma and Aunt Jane for a great party!
Bella isn't a big cake fan (go figure!) so she voted for ice cream sundaes for her birthday dessert. Good choice Bella! We had loads of fun!
Bella is a very sweet, very generous little girl. I love how helpful she is, and she loves to have lots of hugs and kisses and spend time with her family. She is very smart, and beautiful to boot! Thanks Bella for being a great daughter. I can't believe how big you are!

Stay tuned for pictures from her birthday party - it was a little family party in August. She wanted a swimming party and you can't do that here in September!


Jane said...

oh my gosh, how embarassing! I still haven't given you the party photos. Please accept my apologies. I will have them for you soon.

Katie said...

I've never seen squiggly candles before! Love them!

In the second picture from Grandma Susan's house, it looks like James is all choked up over Bella turning 7.