Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog - updated!

My funny little Sofia asked me yesterday what the pretty paper on the fridge was with little flowers on it.

I replied "It's an invitation for a Baby Shower".

She looked at me with a quizzical look and said "A baby shower? You mean Reed is going to take a shower?"

I have finally updated my blog. 16 new posts dating all the way back to Valentine's Day. To my faithful readers - thanks for your patience! I will try and be more on top of it and not let so many photos get clogged up on my camera.


Amy Eagleston said...

I love all the updates. Keep them coming. Your front yard is very impressive!

Diana said...

okay, so I was wondering if there was something going on with my Google reader! Your yard looks FANTASTIC--ya wanna come do mine?
Happy Birthday Bella! When are you guys coming to AZ again?!

Susan said...

I love all your updates! It has been a fun summer. AND, we'll make it a great winter in spite of the weather!

Crystal and Brent said...

Yay. Love the updates! The picture of Reed playing dress up is my favorite!

Katie said...

This has to be a world blogging record for most posts at once. So glad you're back!!

Maryann said...

Thank you for updating! There has been a severe void in my blog stalking! :)