Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jelly tacos?

One guess as to who came up with THAT concoction. Yes, it was Sofie. For lunch today she told me she wanted a jelly taco. Just grape jelly (no peanut butter) on a piece of bread that she folds in half herself.
You see, ever since I canned jam & jelly a week ago, the kid has been nuts about "the grape stuff", as she likes to call it. Never mind that I have peach jam, peach/strawberry jam, strawberry jam, and grape jelly. It's only the grape stuff on her menu.
And this is what our PB&J food storage shelf looks like now. Only one row of peanut butter, not much, when you compare it to the jam section.


Katie said...

Quick Sofie! File a copyright!

ahe said...

I love your new look. So cute. Did you design it yourself? Tell Sofie that I love jelly tacos too, but I like to add a little butter to mine :)

Dawn said...

Thanks! I wish I could say I did it myself, but my talents lie elsewhere. It was a free download from shabbyblogs.com. I just downloaded the header and went on picnik.com and edited it to say my blog title. I'm just happy to have a fresh look!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing Sofie's recipe.
And YES, I'd LOVE some jam!!